First Orienteering Adventure

I have always loved maps! Maps. Traveling. Finding my way around. I was never one of those people who relies on a GPS. Yeah GPS is cool and all. I remember as a 12 year old, one of the 'toys' I had was a handheld GPS unit that my dad got me. Very cool! I spent many hours marking shallow rocks out in the boat in Stoney Lake, and recording my journeys on my bicycle, chasing fire trucks. Not only did I mark those rocks, but I had also purchased nautical charts and compared the rocks I found with what was on the chart!

Anyhow. Yes, I love maps! I am nerdy like that.

Digital Privacy: Amazon Sidewalk

This MalwareBytes article is a great reason why not to have devices in your house that are controlled by big data.

2015 Dodge Journey Ball Joint Adventure! (Never buy from

One of my not so fun tasks this vacation was to tackle my Journey's front suspension issue. I didn't know what was going on, but ended up being the main cause of my noise in the front end was a bad Left side Ball Joint. I was ready for this! I had already purchased all of the components for the front suspension as I wanted to replace it all anyhow.


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