Casual July Drive

Today's drive was nice and relaxing. I originally set out to find a Country Store, East of Sommerset, called Spencer's Country Store on NY-18. There isn't much in the way of internet connectivity up along NY-18, so I was mostly just looking for it from memory. But after looking at Google Maps, I now see why I didn't see it. I was super distracted by the huge cattle farm across the street.

Google Maps View


NY-429 is a short NY State Hwy, which extends from North Tonawanda, thru Sanborn, and ends at NY-104 North of Sanborn near Ransomville.

Masks vs No Masks

It seems very clear to me that there are opposing forces at work here. The visible signs of a cultures background, belief system, and political viewpoints can be summed up with a simple observation. Do they have a mask, or not?

This is for sure beginning to divide the nation, and the world.

The World War of the Masks may be upon us.


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