A Raiders Life

My good friend, Dasinia (his toons name), has recently given up on WoW. Previously he was a very hardcore raider, he was running BT, and Hyjal when he quit. I figured I would ask him a few questions to catch a glimpse of what the raiding life, really has to offer.

Roadwolf: How long have you been playing WoW?

Dasinia: I have been playing since mid 2005

Roadwolf: What motivated you to raid in the first place?

Guild Management

Leadership and Administration are the most important factors of any Guild. However they are also very difficult hurtles to deal with as a Guild Master. As a guild grows and matures, so must the leadership. And this in turn may lead to several problems along the way. We will examine a few of these potential problems in this article.

Urbex: Buffalo Memorial Auditorium

It all started on a cold night in late February. Myself and a friend had decided to scout out the Buffalo Aud. A location which had since been locked away from the Urban Exploration world. We walked around the Aud and sure enough we found a metal grate in the sidewalk which could easily be opened, and led directly to the basement of the Aud. No sooner then we had found that, then we were inside. Traversing thru the flooded basement was kind of a strange feeling. The Ice was at least 3 feet above the real floor level. And not to mention we were in a electrical room.


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