As expected, I once again attended the Lockport Hamfest. Usually a fairly decent hamfest, this year they had moved to a larger and nicer firehall. The turnout was very decent, however people didn't tend to hang around very long, and many vendors were packing up and leaving by about 10:30 am.. I was selling, and ended up making a pre-opening trade with another vendor, for a PLC, and some Sinclair items. I did well enough I suppose, made about $100 or so. Most of which got spent later on in the day for a Sushi dinner.

Of the Hamfests that I typically attend in the area, Lockport is one of the two. Lockport and Rochester... Sometimes I will go to Batavia and Hamburg, tho less frequently. I will also always get a table with a co-worker of mine, and we will sell items. It is to the point where we are known and expected faces at these hamfests. I am known for the flashing lights that I used to sell. However the market for that has taken a bit of a dive as more and more volunteer fire companies steer away from allowing their volunteers to even use lights down here.

It was great seeing and talking to many of the people I know. Our table always had a small crowd around it, mostly people socializing with us. I was trying to sell my Kenwood NX-700, but I couldn't make people pry their wallets open enough to spend $500 on a radio.