Who is Roadwolf?

"Roadwolf" is a 39 year old Canadian born, American citizen. An old school, kind soul, Roadwolf is a thinker, and enjoys hearing peoples stories, and telling stories of his own. Many of the posts on this blog are inspired from real events or stories that he has experienced.

Roadwolf was always a bit abnormal. He began tinkering in electronics at the age of 10, and was designing and printing his own circuit boards at the age of 12. He became heavily involved in Radio Frequency and Audio circuitry electronics, and before he had even graduated from High School, Roadwolf had a full time job offer at a major market radio station in Toronto, Canada.

While electronics and communications are fields where Roadwolf has a lot of professional experience, he also has experience in emergency response and traffic safety. His other interests include Traveling, Aviation, Farming, Camping, Photography, and at one time Urban Exploration. He also enjoys model railroading and sometimes on those rainy or cold days, the odd computer game. And blogging of course!

The name Roadwolf stems from his teenage years, and eventually became his CB Radio handle.

He values respect, honesty and trust in people. He also strives to maintain the same in himself. He maintains an informed take on world events - but attempts to avoid corrupted information fed to everyone by the mass-media. He is an objectivist. He sees communication and understanding as a key factors in ensuring lasting friendships and relations. We are all different in our own ways, but we all have similarities as well.

He is a Pisces. Pisces is a fitting sign. He is a lover, confident, and selfless. He is also creative and likes to mentor. He is currently single and seeking a compatible soulmate with whom great adventures can be carried out together.

He likely wants to hear from you. He is very open to communicating and sharing stories. Don't be shy. If you want someone to talk to, shoot him an email.

A really old photo of my in my early 20's while I worked for the radio station...

My old normal avatar photo

A typical day at at work.

A quite recent pic of me.