Who is Roadwolf?

"Roadwolf" is a 39 year old Canadian born, American citizen. He is a typical human being, with his own quirks and interests which may or may not be similar to the average human being. For example, he enjoys camping, canoeing, adventuring in the Northern wilderness. He also enjoys technical things, such as Ham Radio, and electronics. His pastime mostly consists of gaming and working on his model railroad, metal fabrication and gardening.

The name Roadwolf stems from his teenage years, and eventually became his CB Radio handle.

He values respect, honesty and trust in people. He also strives to maintain the same in himself. He considers himself a sapiosexual (attracted to intellect) and he is attracted to personalities, rather than physical appearance. He maintains an informed take on world events - but attempts to avoid corrupted information fed to everyone by the mass-media. He is an objectivist. He sees communication and understanding as a key factors in ensuring lasting friendships and relations. We are all different in our own ways, but we all have similarities as well.

He is known to have been involved in the Radio Broadcast industry as an Engineer, mostly at CFRB 1010 AM Toronto. He has worked in music and film production, and also emergency response. Currently he works in the communications field, in the rail transportation sector.

A really old photo of my in my early 20's while I worked for the radio station...

My old normal avatar photo

A typical day at home in my garage for me.


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