Flight of the Roadwolf's

Well time had come to conclude a long project I had been working on for quite some time.  I had built a package for a news / traffic reporting plane, which includes all the components needed for covering a story.  I did the final install and testing yesterday and it all worked ok!  So I got to go up in the plane and fly all over Toronto testing the package in operation.   It was a very fun day.  I had wished I had brought my camera, but I also didn't want to seem like a tourist.  So I didn't,  but I did manage to get a few pics on a camera phone.

The Sims

Well this weekend was fun.  I had very little cash to spend so I couldn't travel and explore new places like I tend to do every other weekend.  So I ended up staying at home, and I bought (on credit card) a new game to occupy me.

A really strange night...

The night started off while exploring a farm complex on Kirby road with some fellow explorers. We had parked the cars up the driveway and well out of sight, and had a lookout in one of the cars with a radio. We had basically seen all we could of seen inside the house (altho i wanted to try and get more pictures...) when the lookout came over the radio saying a car had driven by and slowed down after passing the open gate to the driveway (which we had opened).


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