Watching the video 'Beyond The Mind's Eye" on YouTube, I was reminded about how much technology has advanced since 1992. Being that I work in the technology field, this is something that we kind of take for granted. I do often question whether technology has come too far however. Older, more analog technology was easily diagnosable and repairable at the component level. It just tended to be more robust.

Beyond the Mind's Eye (1992)

Beyond the Minds Eye was a compilation of some of the best computer animation of the early 90's. Many of the segments have been featured on YTV, the Canadian Childrens TV Channel. However their versions usually had YTV logos intertwined into the animation.


I was recently called 'jaded', because I am difficult to tease. When I asked for some clarification, the response was: "Idk not much seems to impact you. Well certainly not as easily as other connections ive made on imvu. And thats okies." I am not really sure if Jaded is the right word, but we will go with it...


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