What I am Seeking

April Update:

The post below this is the original construct I came up with in December / January. I have further refined my scope as of late.

I am looking for someone I communicate well with. Age, education, or income doesn't matter. Personality does matter. Being able to interface with me and communicate well, where we both understand each other is paramount.

I am NOT looking for someone to jump in bed with right away. I am however looking for someone who is open to eventually exploring the more intimate and passionate side of things with me slowly, as our comfort level allows. Yes, I do have some experience in the BDSM world. It is often misunderstood, and so please ask me about it if this scares you. There is no harm in asking for clarification. Because this doesn't mean I will be tying you up and doing things to you against your will or consent. Quite the opposite.

Physically, I do prefer a more feminine look.

My partner would likely need to be willing to move in with me eventually. Distance isn't a huge issue at first so long as we can regularly make time to meet in person. Kids aren't a huge issue for me either.

Old Post (Not as accurate):

I am a quirky technical guy, with a big heart, and I am very willing to please and pamper. I am often told I am funny, but I don't try to be. I am also confident and proud of my accomplishments and who I am. I am very affectionate, and am looking to devote that love and attention to someone special. I am extremely honest. I am Canadian born and raised, but am a full American Citizen. I am told I am an Alpha, who is caring and respectful, and responsive to his loved ones needs.

I work full time, in a very secure career. I make a comfortable living. I have even invented items that you probably see on a daily basis. I own my own house in a lovely historic neighborhood. I can fix just about anything I put my mind to, assuming I have the needed tools. I am a tinkerer. I like working with my skilled hands.

I am looking for someone who enjoys the outdoors as well as relaxing inside. I enjoy activities that involve both my partner and I. I like some routine, but I also like some chaos inspired by unplanned adventures. I also enjoy gaming together on PC, xBox or Board Games, over just sitting and watching TV. I am also open to exploring old hobbies of mine once again, like Urban Exploration, photography or off-roading. A few of my other hobbies are Model Railroading, and keeping a Salt Water Reef Aquarium - which often involves exploring chemistry and biology type interests.

I am not too picky on income or education of my match. Just have some ambition to make something of your life, and be responsible when needed. They would need to be local, or willing to travel, and eventually move here to live with me.

I am politically centered or right leaning. I am not looking for someone who is a radical left, that is for sure. But, as long as you are open minded and able to agree to disagree or read and take into account opposing viewpoints, I am cool. Growing up in Canada, I had a very liberal / left outlook. Now I have re-evaluated my outlook. So I have seen both sides, and I sit where I am comfortable, and with the views I believe are most morally, naturally and humanly correct. I understand that not everyone agrees with those views, and that is fine. But they are still my views.

I am okay with someone who already has children, so long as custody isn't a complication or concern. I am also okay with someone who wants children, or doesn't want children. I could go either way on that, so long as I have someone who makes me happy to be by my side the rest of my life. Age isn't super important, so long as you are mature and we connect well.

Vices ARE a concern to me. I will not stand for ANY illegal drug use, and can't really be around Pot. I can deal with smoking to some extent, and vaping for sure. I can also deal with slight alcohol usage, but not someone who NEEDS alcohol every day. I don't do drugs, smoke, or really drink on a regular basis. I have been known to enjoy a very occasional cigar in the summer while sitting outside enjoying a nice day.

I am looking for someone who takes care of themselves. Weight isn't too much of a factor, but still could be. I do like someone who can dress up once in a while, and look nice standing beside me - and likewise I will dress up as well. I think it is nice to be able to be proud of your partner, and want to show them off, and also dress up ones self to allow them to do the same.

Personality is important, and the biggest thing for me, is the ability to have fluid, dynamic conversations, about anything. Be interested in what I have to say, and I will be interested to hear what you have to say too! Irregular communication, or difficult communication, for me is a turn-off - especially in the 'courting' stage.

I am looking for someone who wants me, as much as I want them.