COVID-19: Time for some Sanity and Calm Reasoning...

So we are all being inundated with news about COVID-19 (SARS-COV2). And whether it makes sense or not, the key is to not panic. Whether you agree with the emergency measures or not ultimately doesn't matter. What matters now is that we stay sane, and take care of our mental health. Traumatic National or Global events, such as this and 9/11 have the tendency to cause a mental shock to people. Allowing yourself to obsess over this either way, will cause damage in your Amygdala over time.

By now we all know that we should 'socially distance' ourselves. We know we should wash our hands, and self-quarantine ourselves if we suspect we may have symptoms. Whether we do or not, is of course up to you. We know that many locations have instituted a policy of closing bars, public events, and non-essential businesses. Many businesses have also closed their doors to browsing customers, and will only provide service for existing customers, take out, or delivery options.

We also know that there aren't really any supply shortages of food, or everyday goods. Sure there may be cases where items run out of stock due to panic buying, but these items are still being produced, and will be restocked as soon as the trucks can haul the items back to the store. The truckers are the real heroes here, working their butts off to keep stores stocked. Just saying.

We also know, that for the most part, unless you have a compromised immune system or breathing issues, or unless you are of a higher risk ethnic group, there likely isn't much severity associated with getting the virus. It has been described as a mild to medium cough, and slight fever, lasting roughly 4 to 16 hours.

Knowing that, we can move on. We don't need to keep checking the news feeds, or twitter, or instagram every minute for updates! That will only further depress you, and keep you stuck in this obsessive pit. Pull yourself away from it all, you will feel better.

If you are working, and able to work - Great! Keep doing what you do, and try to stick to your normal routine. This will help keep you mentally focused and calm. If working from home, try to get outside for a change of scenery - Working at home can become depressing, especially if you live alone. You can even maybe work with a close work friend, at their home to maintain some social activity.

If you are out of work because of this, bear in mind that the government is working on a plan to help you. I know that probably isn't too promising of a hope, so maybe not hold your breath on that one. But keep your hopes up. I am sure people will be understanding and bills can wait. Everyone is facing this, and there is Federal and State money out there to cover for it. Just let it ride out, and try to enjoy the time off, while keeping your feelers out there for more work, or with your former workplace, to ensure you are available once things start opening up again!

Everyone should keep on going outside (The Sun's UV rays will destroy viruses exposed on surfaces outside), taking walks, even going for drives! Gas is still reasonable, and the roads are fairly lightly traveled now. Go to the park, go for a bike ride... Enjoy the change from the routine and the mundane. And above all, help your neighbors!

Things will be okay. You will be okay!