UE: German Orphanage (Buffalo)

The Buffalo German Orphanage was an orphanage on the East Side of Buffalo, NY. I have been here exploring a few times. This trip was with a bunch of my friends from Toronto. I remember the priest from the church on site was telling us a bit about the history of the place before we went in. We took our time and respected the place. Not everyone did that however... One time I went with a guy who runs a blog called "FixBuffalo". He is one of those hippy types, who bought up a bunch of property in a down turned neighborhood, and then tried to use his political swing to raise the land values in order to basically sell the property off for a return. Anyhow, he claimed to be an urban explorer, but he really wasn't. He would promote stealing and vandalizing the property regularly. He had agendas beyond what a typical urban explorer has.

The following are some photos from a trip there with some of my old exploration buddies. I will comment on the photos as needed.