The Mattress

The evening started off with a plan to explore some off roading trails up on some First Nations land, near Lake Scugog in Central Ontario. In the Ham Shockers convoy were four vehicles. Richard was driving a rented Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, Jeff and Justin were driving Jeep Wranglers, and I was driving my 'modified' Chevy Venture which carried tools and other supportive equipment.

The "Hamsexy" Roadwolf Venture Van, was a vehicle I had originally purchased for use as a volunteer emergency response vehicle. I wasn't shy about modifying it when needed, or taking it off road. I had even put a small lift on it and added AT Tires once I got involved in exploring logging roads.

I am unsure what our plans were that evening. I vaguely recall plans to explore other trails in the area that night. Or perhaps just sit in a field and relax. In any case, the night came to an abrupt stop when Richard's rented Jeep got stuck on a partly buried mattress, in the half frozen mud. At first we were not fully aware of just how badly the jeep got tangled up in the mattress. We figured it wasn't going to be that hard to pull it out...

The rented Jeep, struck down by the curse of the mattress

The video shows... a few things. One is that we were a lot less experienced back then. Another is that it was very stuck regardless. We also swore a lot... Canadian Redneck alert!

Anyhow, even with the winch, we had trouble! Richard, Kyle, and myself eventually had to climb under the jeep and took turns snipping the mattress off of its driveshaft with my bolt cutters. It was quite cold, and we were muddy and wet. Our spirits were low and we were not really prepared for such an adventure... We figured it would just be a fun quickie. But we didn't count on Richard driving over the Mattress. Tho to his defense it was dark, and he didn't know the trail too well. In the past we had always avoided that mattress by driving around it. It was kind of second nature to us, and it never really crossed our mind to warn him about it.

Bolt Cutters were eventually utilized to free the jeep, when every other method failed!

The only damage was a small scratch to the rear bumper of the rented jeep, and a bit of our egos... The Jeep was returned without issue to the rental company. Another happy rental story! By the time we got the jeep unstuck however, it was quite late. I believe we bought the guy who came to rescue us some beer (or something?) and then we headed home to lick our wounds. Fun times and memories!