There are sadly not too many photos of my mixing days. This was before Facebook, and digital cameras were still a new fad at the time. Gee... Kinda makes me feel old.

I believe this photo was when I was mixing Counting Crows. I can tell it is from the old Announce 6 studio. I was mixing in there, using the speakers for monitors (as opposed to using just earphones), and looking in through the window into Control Room 6 where the band was preforming.

This was taken on a cold winters day, likely during the first year I was working there. This would be in our Mobile studio. I was likely running a systems test as part of a regular engineering checkup. Gosh did I look like a crack head back then. Must of been the ridalin they had me on thru High School.

Another old photo! I was in the old CR6 in this photo. This was one of the earlier band setups, before I made the nicer roll around setup I had in the first photo. I forget which band this would of been for. There were many.