Studebaker Plant: Page 2

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More of the previous machine. Ideas anyone? Let me know.

A Robotic arm. I imagine this was from the GM reuse of this property, and not from the original Studebaker plant.

More robotic instruments. Not sure what this did, but seems similar to the arm.

Pallets of trunk structural panels it seems. Again, I am curious if this was Studebaker or a GM Product.

More parts containers and another robotic device.

A blurry photo of me, when I was much younger.

A cool photo of one of the several courtyards inside the plant.

One of the paint pits. This one seemingly filled with oil or tar.

Speaking of oil... We liked taking photos of old markings showing workers names. I have even received emails from family members or employees themselves who have spotted their own names in my photos. This marking was made more than fifty years ago. I wonder if Buck and Don are still around?

It is curious to me that they actually needed to print a sticker to post on this wall which reads Flip Up Moon Roof. Was it that much of a problem?