POTD: Off-roading Van


Ah my old Chevy Venture van...  The memories.

I have been recovering lost photos from various old hard drives lately and decided that it would be good to do a Picture of the Day type posting to showcase some photos which maybe haven't been seen before, or tell small stories about the photos.

The above photo was my van after I had left COVERT, and after removing the MX7000 light bar.  I still had many lights on it, but they were all hidden.  With my Bridgestone Dueler AT tires, I found that it wasn't all that difficult to offroad with this van, and took it on Hay Creek Road, in Algonquin, among many other places.  I do not believe I ever got stuck!  For a front wheel drive, 1997 Chevy Venture Van, that was impressive.

I did however once take out the power steering line on a large rock on the weekend of my wedding...