Where have all the foamers gone?

2021 update: It has been many years since I last went 'Foaming". I am keeping this post as is, but this isn't really a past-time I partake in any longer.

Foamers, Rail Buffs, Train Spotters.... Whatever you want to call them, they were always nuts about trains. I am one of these people. I LOVE trains and infrastructure. But I find myself asking some questions lately... Is this just a hobby for old men? They are the only ones who I seem to be able to find who seem to enjoy it. Why am I so .. different? Why are few other young people into train spotting or foaming. I imagine part of it these days has to do with the whole 'security' aspect. Any cop who happens to come across people taking photos of trains is likely to accuse you of plotting a terrorist act. And that may be why a lot of people do not bother with rail fanning anymore. But if that is the fact, this added security of ours, is causing a whole subculture to disappear.

Trains are special and important to us here in North America. We may not realize it today, but our nation was built with trains. Without the railways, we would never be able to maintain the countries of the United States of America, or Canada across a whole continent. It is amazing to think what these otherwise insignificant lines of steel have done for us.

I would really like to find someone else about my age who is also into trains in the WNY area. Sure I don't mind hanging around the older guys and talking trains. But I likely wont go out foaming with someone who is 40 or 50 years my elder. The same goes for my model railroad.