Another I-190 Accident!

I got up early this morning to install my new LX4 LED grill lights on the Jeep.  I went to Timmies of course first, and got my breakfast.  Then returned home, and began to remove my grill.  I got the last screw off and I hear tires screeching and then a bang of metal vs. concrete.  I quickly finger tightened 2 screws on my grill to hold it in place,  tossed my lights on and headed to the highway on-ramp.  I found a nice mustang smashed up in the left lane / shoulder.  The driver gave me a thumbs up saying he was okay, so I set out lighting flares and placing some pylons out far ahead of the scene.  It was only about 6:30 so rush hour hadn't really started yet, but it was still busy in waves.  Nothing like Toronto Traffic on the 401 at all, but people were moving fast, and that was a concern.

Sadly, I really do need to get some more rear lighting on the Jeep.  the Arrow Bar is hardly effective on the highway alone.  It does need some help.  Also I didn't have a safety vest handy, which made me sad.   But I held the lane semi closed for a good half hour alone without any help.  The State Trooper was very nice and gave me some more flares.

He told me to continue doing what I was doing until the tow truck cleared the vehicle.  So I did.   Luckily I had my traffic baton on me.  This baton is a new one that my friend Av loaned me.  My original baton was similar, but I lost it a few years ago.  So thanks Av for the long term loan :)

After finishing with the scene and clearing it up, I headed home and continued mounting the Blue LX4's on the grill.  I turned them on and they look great!  Very bright and catchy.  But not nearly catchy enough if they had been on the back.  I think I will need something a little more to the rear in order to be effective at a scene.

In an official VFD capacity I will be only really requiring the forward facing lights in order to respond to the fire hall when there is a call.  However, in an unofficial capacity, I usually will stop at accidents when I see them, no matter where they are, to ensure everyone is alright.  Its just the type of person I am.  Therefore I do need to ensure that I have some good rear lighting, in order to ensure my safety, and the safety of those on the scene, and those on the road approaching the scene.

Here is where I say: "Donations are gladly accepted for new lights"...  haha.   I doubt that'll work :)

Anyhow, yeah, fun times!