Membership Info is my own personal website for a variety of topics which interest me. It also serves as a private journal or diary to record my thoughts and life. Being as it may, this means that there are often very personal topics which I wish to publish here - but until now, haven't because I have been worried about them being public. Now I have solved that! I have added a feature which allows registered users to log in and view private posts which the public can not see.

Logging in and reading the protected posts, is like me inviting you into my private space. You are welcome to come and enjoy what I write, and even to comment about the posts. But I just ask that you respect the content and its personal or censored nature.

You may register for a new account here:

Please note: Due to spam and bot attempts to register, any new account is initially blocked. I will check the accounts every few days to see if there are any new accounts to approve. Please use a normal looking user name, and email address if you wish to get approved. Email addresses with or random numbers and letters, likely will never get approved. If you are in a rush, try emailing me, and I should see that and expedite the approval.