Love and Relationships

My love life isn't exactly traditional by any means. Trying to explain it in any specific sense is difficult. I am loyal, and honorable even tho I may not be monogamous, but that doesn't mean I sleep around at all. I make rational, long term choices, with consideration being made to my lovers own wishes, as well. How a relationship works out, is based upon the needs of the specific relationship. Very rarely are two relationships going to have the same dynamics, and for this reason, there is no set 'standard' that I am seeking. I am also flexible in what my role is in a relationship.

This section deals mainly with posts about love, and relationships. Any posts involving discussions of a sexual nature, will be restricted to registered members only. Please be respectful of these posts, as they are from the heart often. We are always, constantly changing and evolving emotionally to our environment. Ideals, and expectations change over time. Please note, that older posts may not reflect what my current thoughts may be.

Lifestyle Themed Posts

This page displays a number of Lifestyle or sexual themed posts, which are for registered users only. I wrote a post which does a decent job explaining the merits of the Lifestyle to an outsider, I believe. You can read it without registering here: BDSM culture explained

Murder of One
Lryics which help convey my feelings about trying to convince females in poor relationships to have the courage to look elsewhere.

A post about the various forms of non-monogamy. I wrote this because non-monogamy seems to be highly misunderstood.

Kara and Zoar Valley
A small post describing a fun weekend with a former girlfriend of mine. This post is limited to registered users only

Barn Fire and Other Thoughts.
A rather long post, where I try to ground my thoughts on the events which happened in late 2014 with my friends Tailz, and Sable.

Lofty Lair
The Lofty Lair is a concept for a multi purpose recreational room, to be built in my Garage.

Lofty Lair Update
Updating the reader on the ever evolving plans for the Lofty Lair.