Computer Gaming

Gaming for me is my primary escape. It is how I relax and exercise my brain. I tend to enjoy simulators, creation, city building or management-type games. My Steam Library is quite extensive (Feel free to add me on Steam if you wish).

While it is currently popular for people to review and offer 'Let's Play' videos on YouTube these days, I still sometimes prefer a written guide, tutorial or review. Sure, call me old fashioned. My reviews and tutorial (walk-through) posts have been quite popular in the past. Most of them were written when I was running my old Wordpress Blog. Therefore, when I imported them to this new format, many of the links on other sites, which pointed to them, became broken. Perhaps, by properly linking them on this page, and sprucing the posts up a bit, they will become useful to gamer's yet again.

Of course, who really reads about old games? Well... Some of us like older nostalgic games from time to time. I recently re-installed Sim Life, a glorious life simulation game from Maxis, published in 1992!

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