Found a Card?


Thank you for taking the time to look up the website.

I have recently been interested in writing about the history of Western New York. More specifically the routes and highways related to the area. While I travel these routes that I am studying, I am also laying down calling cards in random places. I want to hear stories of people along the way. I would like to document those stories eventually, if it is desired.

Did you find a card? Sweet! First step is to communicate with me somehow. Email is usually the best method as the phone number on the card is a VoIP service phone number and isn't checked as often. I would love to hear your story. Yes, I likely dropped the card you found, in hopes someone would find it. I don't know who will find it, but I do hope that they will end up telling me a great story!

Maybe you just need someone to talk to? Or even some advice? It is also a way to reach out and maybe find like minded friends. A bit of a new form of random networking. I find so many people are so sheltered and isolated in bubbles lately, that it might be good to try to break free of that bubble and talk to someone different.

The idea came from an instance where I accidentally dropped a single business card with my wolf logo and email on it, which caused someone to pick it up and contact me saying it was an ingenious way to network. While that initial contact was totally accidental, it did inspire me to try to utilize that sort of random approach. Almost like I am marking my path as I travel along.