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My blog has always been a place of free speech and generally uncensored content and viewpoints, with some exceptions. It shall continue to be this way, despite those who are easily offended.

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This is a message to Whisperin's family. I would love to see a happy and accepting relationship develop with everyone. That includes being accepting of myself, and my place in Whisperin's life. But there was a lot that was said, and a specific person engaged in some very low tactics in order to cast a negative light upon me. This issue has festered for a long while without any resolution. I do not wish for there to be an issue. I also can not fake it, and allow myself to be put into a situation where I am supposed to fake it. Nor would I trust allowing my son to spend time with anyone who does not respect or accept me. I ask that the family members feel free to comment here with their real email and name, or contact me directly and express their thoughts and apologies. Or we can just let things fester. Up to you! Read more

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