Old Radio Station Photos

Below are some of the first photos I took of the Radio Station I worked at. These photos were taken when I was still in High School, while I was still co-oping there as a student.

Good Friends

Through the years I have made many many friends over the internet. In fact, it has historically been the most common place where I would end up making new friends. It is also the medium which I tend to use to keep in touch with those friends. Indeed, I am not alone in this. Many people rely on the internet to make friends, and for some, it is their only means to make friends. This becomes a problem when we are too scared to step out of the digital world, and meet those friends face to face.

A Shortage of Skilled Electronics Nerds.

Being a self taught individual, I have never gone to College, nor did I really focus on many of my High School courses. I tend to focus on topics that interest me, and which are useful to me, in that specific instance in time. I then do what I can to teach myself the foundations of the skills I need to accomplish a task, and try my best to perform that task. Usually it doesn't come out amazingly well my first time, but often good enough for it to function.


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