No Agenda Perky

Sable and I were listening to No Agenda, and Adam was talking about perky breasts. Knowing Adam always says 'send pics' to females... I asked Sable the following:

Roadwolf: bad science and perky breasts
Sable: ~nods laughing~
Roadwolf: :)
Roadwolf: would you show them pics? :P
Sable: of my perky breasts?
Roadwolf: ~nods~
Sable: if i thought they were perky, yes lol
Roadwolf: lol
Roadwolf: i think they are
Sable: everyone should have the option to enjoy perky breasts
Roadwolf: :D
Sable: aww thank You Master

Photoshopping Evidence in the Senate

The above image looks like a fairly typical refinery, right?

Well the image below is what Senator Boxer presented to the U.S. Senate in a fight against the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Isn't this ... kinda illegal? Not only does the photo below seem to be a photoshop, but it is a poor photoshop at that. Clouds and stack smoke don't mix like that.


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