House Plans

The above is a quick sketch of the plans I am finalizing for the 2nd floor of my house. The 2nd floor features a small 1 bedroom apartment, which currently has an oddly shaped kitchen, and non-ideal bathroom setup. The plan above shows a slightly revised layout, which will eat into some of the bedrooms space, but provide a more comfortable kitchen and bathroom.

Sweet Surrender....

Having grown up listening to her music, this song was not new to me by any means. However a few nights ago, I found myself humming the tune, and singing along to the lyrics in my head. I have no idea why - I hadn't heard it recently that I can remember. However, the recent actions of taking on a sub, and watching how the bond between sub and Master forms has been quite profound. The words in the song, resonated her own words to me.

Just Wow

I have been struggling to write an update as of late. I feel that I want to express myself, but I also feel that it would be hard for others to understand where I am coming from.


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