Cha Cha Cha Changes!

We have been re-thinking the purpose of the rooms in the house. With Sable living here now, we have discussed various ideas regarding the use of space in the house. Sable often says my house is too large, and ... I agree, it is large. Maybe not too large, but it is a fun size, which gives a lot of options for various things to do with rooms. We won't run out of things to do, that is for sure!

One of the considerations is that we now need a woodworking room. One of our projects, is to begin producing wood items, similar to paddles, and decorative items, that we can sell.

Aquarium: Week 8

Time for a week 8 update!

Week 8 begins with the following readings:

Salt: Measured at 1.024 - added salt slowly into the flow, and now at 1.026
Temp: 78
KH: 9
Calcium: 500
Phosphates: 0
Nitrates: 0

Aquarium: Week 7 - More Control Automation Planning

Week 6 went by well, and Week 7 is upon us. I purchased more hermit crabs, and snails, and have also purchased a Coral Banded Shrimp, and a frag of Torch Coral. The crabs and snails have been doing a great job, but just can't handle the whole tank.


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